Afghan Peace, Opportunities and Intimidations/Abdul Wahid Wahid

U.S.-Taliban, peace talks that had been going on for more than a year stopped by a tweet of US president Donald Trump declaring the talks as dead. After more than two months’ deadlock, the process is seemingly in the course of rescheduling its position. The talks may restart, perhaps from where they left. But Khalilzad [...]

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Alleged corrupt man runs senior post in finance ministry

Walid Tamim who is charged with three embezzlement and other corruption cases, has been appointed as deputy finance minister for custom offices and incomes, the attorney general office says. Officials in the attorney general say that Tamim’s cases were under investigation and would be shared with the people soon. Tamim’s case was referred to the [...]

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The Proportionate role of China in Afghan Peace Process/ Abdul waheed Waheed

In the last two decades China has kept an eye on the ongoing situation in Afghanistan, but has not directly involved itself on a large scale in Afghanistan's domestic politics. Now this position seems to be changing; Afghanistan has been emerging as a strategic focal point in the regional scenario. The People Republic of China, [...]

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Islam, the religion of peace and peaceful coexistence

Mankind is having strong desire for global peace. During the twentieth century a number of international treatises were signed a treaty, declaring war as illegal in the settlement of disputes. Despite signing that declaration and many other conventions, there have still been wars and we have not seen the peace which was intended and agreed [...]

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