Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah reacted to recent changes in the leadership in ministry of foreign affairs, saying “nobody has the right of any changes under the name of reforms in the current critical situation”.

Meanwhile, legal experts call on President Ashraf Ghani to act based on a political agreement he had signed with Abdullah that caused the establishment of the national unity government five years ago.

Ghani appointed his former spokesman as the acting foreign minister this month. The ministry’s leadership should be appointed from Abdullah’s team according to the agreement.

Ghani called the changes part of reforms in the diplomacy center.

Wahid Farzaee, a legal expert said Monday that the current government was founded against the constitution and by a political deal. “So, the president is bound to pay respect to this deal.”

Recent tensions between Ghani and Abdullah over the recent changes have caused concern among people.

Abdullah asked for stop of changes in the ministry of foreign affairs, saying that the faith of presidential election.

Abdullah’s Spokesman Omid Maisam, said that any changes under the name of reforms should be stopped in the ministry of foreign affairs in the current critical situation.

But President Ghani’s spokesman says the reform process would not be stopped.