In reaction to the US Presidential Candidate, Joe Biden’s remarks about Afghanistan’s nation building, the Presidential Palace (ARG) said that Afghans have always been one nation and that history has witnessed it.

Presidential Palace Spokesman, Sediq Sediqqi in a tweet said that Afghans have stand as a whole nation against the oppressors such as Soviet Union’s invasion and are currently standing in the front line against terrorism.

“Now, it (Afghanistan) is in the front lines so that the other nations are safer. ISIS and the Taliban, the major terror networks and the enemies of the world are defeated here,”

In the same time, another spokesman for the palace, Durani Waziri said, “To preserve our unity in several critical era of history, we have always stood together against the enemies of Afghanistan and will stick by each other in the future as well.”

Meanwhile, a senior advisor to President Ashraf Ghani, Wahid Omar in a tweet has praised the US assistance to Afghanistan but said that Afghans don’t need anyone to reunite them and that they have been one nation since ages.

Biden in a televise debate on Saturday said that he has been totally against of notion of nation building by Washington in Afghanistan.

“The only thing we should be doing is, dealing with terrorism in that region,” Biden cited.

He also suggested that there is no possibility to reunite the country. “But it is possible to see to it they are not able to launch attacks from the region.”

Moreover, Senator Ahmad Jawid Rauf said Afghans have always been united against the enemies of the country.

“Afghanistan is a steady nation. It has shaken the world. All of the super powers like, United Kingdom, Soviet Union and United States have been failed here,” he added.

Biden’s remarks have brought serious reactions in Afghan Social Medias, where people have expressed criticism in regards and brush him off.